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orange bulletDay Trip : Sydney To The Blue Mountains

A trip of 124km from Sydney to Blackheath.

Travel via Parramatta Road and the Western Highway (Route 4) and the Great Western Highway (Route 32)

The magnificent Blue Mountains lie just over 100 kilometres to the west of Sydney and are part of the Great Dividing Range. The massive spread of the Blue Mountains National Park combines magnificent scenery and outlooks, precipitous cliffs, woodlands, misty valleys and a prolific variety of wildlife.

It is a unique region of New South Wales that offers a genuine retreat for jaded city dwellers and has uplifted the spirits of visitors for many generations.

Visitors with only a day to spare would do best to limit their visit to the towns and attractions near the main route of the Great Western Highway. This should include Leura, a scenic boutique village with beautiful gardens, Katoomba for views of the Three Sisters, and Blackheath, a starting point for some excellent bushwalks.

Leave Sydney via Parramatta Road, a continuation of Broadway from Central Station, turning onto the Western Motorway (Route 4) which becomes the Great Western Highway (Route 32) This route takes you to Leura where you take Tourist Drive #5, which follows the clifftop route between Leura and Katoomba and provides a short but spectacular scenic drive off the main highway.

For families, a visit to Wonderland Sydney, which incorporates the Australian Wildlife Park, is a popular detour, and can be a whole day out in itself. Turn left off the Western Motorway, approximately 42 kilometres from the city centre, into Wallace Road. This is the end of this particular trip but there is plenty more to see in the surrounding areas... just follow your nose.