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orange bulletDarwin & Top End Holidays

This area of the Northern Territory is dominated by the tropical wetlands of Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land. These are vast areas of pristine wilderness with huge bird and wildlife populations.

This is a part of Australia where the effects of the Wet Season/Dry Season are very significant and where ancient Aboriginal culture and rock art exists alongside modern day communities. Many of the region's highlights are owned by local aboriginal communities and permits are required for access to many of the attractions.

This is a region not to be missed by anyone serious about seeing the real Australia. The available tours are numerous and spectacular. The national parks in this top end of the Northern Territory are some of the best in Australia.... definitely a tour highlight.

Visitors need to exercise extreme care with beach swimming due to saltwater crocodiles and marine stingers. Always seek local advice beforehand and check for warning signs. The crocodile signs are for real in this part of the world. As humans venture further afield in their 4WD's, they push deeper into the crocodile's domain, often without realising the increased risk. BE CAREFUL!

The top end of the Northern Territory is a very popular destination for 4WD holiday enthusiasts, being a natural starting point for tours into the red centre and across the Kimberleys to Broome.

orange bulletPlaces Of Interest - The Top End

Darwin - devastated by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day 1974, now rebuilt and the major jumping off point for all tours and activities throughout the Northern Territory. Feed the fish at high tide at Aquascene near the Esplanade and enjoy tropical sunsets from East Point. Take a trip to see Aboriginal culture at nearby Bathurst and Melville Islands.

Visit the Indo Pacific Marine Exhibition for an insight to the pearling industry. The Darwin Aviation Museum has some surprisingly rare exhibits. Visit the Museum and Art Gallery for some of Australia's finest Aboriginal art exhibits and acquaint yourself with the exploits of "Sweetheart". On the way to Kakadu, stop off at Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve for its bird populations and have a safe swim at the Leaning Tree Lagoon Nature Park.

Darwin accommodation is available in backpacker hostels, motels, hotels, holiday apartments and resorts.

Kakadu National Park - World heritage listed National Park covering 20,000 sq km of pristine wetlands and definitely a must for any tour of this region. Most areas of the park are accessible via sealed roads but 4WD is needed for some attractions. The landscape varies depending on the Wet or Dry season time of year. 

There are walking trails and guided walks with rangers. Share sunrise at Yellow Waters with crocodiles in their element. Visit the Jim Jim Falls and the plunge pool at Maguk. The Bowali Visitor Centre and the Warradjan Cultural Center have information about the area and the local Aboriginal culture. There is Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr and Nourlangie Rock.

Arnhem Land - this is Aboriginal territory and the Northern Territory's most remote travel region. It is an area of over 94,000 sq km rich in evidence of Aboriginal culture and history. It's a place to learn about bush foods, fish for barramundi, cruise billabongs,and see the  traditional art at Mt Borradaile.

Litchfield National Park - a park only recently given the exposure it deserves and relatively close to Darwin. It features spring fed plunge pools and waterfalls. See the unique magnetic termite mounds, visit Florence and Wangi Falls and try the walking trails.

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