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orange bulletNorthern Territory Tableland Holidays

This huge expanse covers the large cattle properties of the Barkley Tableland in the east and the Tanami Desert in the west. This is the real Australian outback,  very sparsely populated and where everything is a long way from anywhere.

It is rugged terrain with a unique appeal when the colours change at sunset. There are no major tourist attractions to speak of that are serviced and promoted by the local tourist authorities, although the Tennant Creek area does offer some attractions to visitors passing on the Highway.

orange bulletPlaces Of Interest

Tennant Creek - a mining town which was the site of Australia's last gold rush in the 1930's. Tour the underground mines and goldfields, try your hand at fossicking or spend a morning in the saddle doing some cattle mustering.

Visit the local Aboriginal art gallery and cultural centre. The Battery Hill is worth a visit for information on the gold mine days.

Tennant Creek region - Davenport Range National Park is a relatively new park rich in Aboriginal dreamtime lore. The turn-off is 87 km south of Tennant Creek. A 4WD is strongly recommended and get information and maps beforehand.

The Devils Marbles are 100 km south of Tennant Creek. A unique formation of huge precariously balanced boulders known to the Aboriginals as "Karlu-Karlu" which are the eggs of the Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent in Aboriginal folklore.

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