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orange bulletFar North South Australia Holidays

This is the vast expanse of central Australia north of the trans continental railway line and the Flinders Ranges and extending north to the border of the Northern Territory. There are some isolated mining towns and extensive areas which need permits for access.

A map of the area shows a complex network of creeks, rivers and lakes all of which are dry and only carry water at very infrequent intervals. Much of the region is classified as desert.

The major route through the region is the Stuart Highway to Alice Springs and Darwin. Off the highway, expect unsealed roads and the need for a 4WD vehicle.

The seasons have a major influence on outback roads such as the Birdsville Track into western Queensland and the loop through Maree and Oodnadatta into the Northern Territory. Check with local authorities before attempting these routes.

orange bulletPlaces of Interest - Far North South Australia

Woomera - this was the launch centre for British rocket testing in the 1950's. The range was under quarantine for many years but now open with tours available to the Woomera rocket range and a town heritage centre with relics of the testing era.

Coober Pedy - the opal mining town where most of the inhabitants live underground to escape the extremes of climate and leave their rubbish on the surface. Summer days in Coober Pedy can exceed 50°C and winter nights can drop to freezing. Tours of the workings and opal cutting centres are available and fossicking is permitted.

Oodnadatta - an example of a township whose fortunes changed when the railway was relocated elsewhere. Oodnadatta was once the railhead for the old rail line to Adelaide and a staging post during the construction of the original overland telegraph.

Andmooka - an opal mining town north of Woomera. Its nearby neighbour Olympic Dam uranium mine is better known because of the controversy and protests surrounding its development.

Maree - the southern end of the Birdsville track and an old staging post for the Afghan camel trains that crossed the region. Also an old railhead for cattle moved south along the Birdsville Track from western Queensland. Now only a handful of people live there.

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