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orange bulletFlinders Ranges Holidays

About 400 km long, the Flinders Ranges are one of the few elevated land masses of any note in South Australia. Like the McDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory, the Flinders offer rugged and spectacular scenery best seen in the changing light of daybreak and sunset when the range colours come alive.

The area is renowned for its outback bushwalking and the wildlife drawn to its waterholes. After the winter rains the area is covered in spring wildflowers. Aboriginal heritage sites are common in the area in the form of rock paintings and engravings.

orange bulletPlaces of Interest - Flinders Ranges

Quorn - at the southern end of the Flinders and 40 km out from Port Agusta. Quorn is a jumping off point for 4WD and adventure tours of the region. Travel the vintage Pichi Richi Railway through the nearby pass of the same name. There is rock climbing at Warren Gorge.

Hawker - a small township which is the main access point to nearby Wilpena Pound (see below). Aboriginal rock paintings can be seen at nearby Yourambulla Rock Shelter.

Wilpena Pound - the main attraction of the Flinders and one of Australia's most significant Aboriginal heritage areas. Wilpena Pound is a large natural basin behind rock cliffs up to 500 metres high, covering approximately 80 sq km. and enclosed within the Flinders Ranges National Park.

It is a natural habitat for wildlife and renowned for its bird populations. Popular spots are the rock engravings at Sacred Canyon and the scenic attractions at Aroona Valley, Brachina Gorge and Bunyeroo Creek. There are many bushwalks of varying degrees of difficulty throughout the park.

Blinman - the town is not an attraction in its own right but it serves as the jumping off point for some spectacular local locations. There are  Aboriginal rock carvings at Mt Chambers Gorge, plus imposing ironstone ridges of the Great Wall of China and Parachilna Gorge.

Leigh Creek - an open cut mine and South Australia's only coal mine. It supplies coal to the power station at Port Augusta. Mine tours are available.

Arkaroola Village - at the northern end of the Flinders and a region considered by some to be the best of the ranges. Rugged mountain country plus an example of Australia's red centre. 4WD adventure tours are available.

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