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orange bulletHolidays In South Australia's South East

A dominant coastline, sometimes referred to as The Limestone Coast, is dotted with small townships, coastal lakes and lagoons, sand dunes and rugged shores. It is a hub of commercial fishing and Australia's major lobster region.

A rich agricultural hinterland is the home of vineyards with cellar door visits for some of Australia's finest red wines. The region is also the home of some of Australia's leading sheep stud properties.

This is major area for underground limestone caves, sink holes, freshwater crater lakes, lagoons and associated birdlife sanctuaries. Scuba dive the sink holes, explore the underground caves, fish the beaches or lagoons, explore the National Parks, 4WD on the stretches of open beach.

orange bulletPlaces of Interest - The South East

Kingston SE - a small beach resort and a good jumping off point for the Coorong National Park. The major regional centre for lobster fishing. See the historic lighthouse at Cape Jaffa and the huge granite outcrops at nearby Jip Jip National Park. There us a popular 4WD beach run north towards Lake Alexandrina.

Robe - a small coastal settlement and one of the South Australia's earliest towns. The ruins of the old gaol are still in existence.

Millicent - the town has an excellent National Trust Museum. Nearby Canunda National Park has huge sand dunes and spectacular coastal scenery. Head south along the highway to the Tantanoola Caves.

Mount Gambier - the major town of the region with its crater lakes, the best known being Blue Lake which changes colour with the seasons. The Lady Nelson Interpretive Centre provides details of the regional history and Yallum Park is a fine example of the mansions from a bygone era.

Penola - an historic town of the region and more recently a significent pilgrimage site associated with Saint Mary MacKillop, Australia's first saint. The Woods-MacKillop schoolhouse has memorabilia from the era. Nearby Coonawarra is the best known wine region with cellar door sales for visitors.

Naracoorte - one of the major centres for the region's agricultural community. The award winning Sheep's Back Museum outlines the history of the wool industry in the area. There are several limestone cave sites contained in the Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park. The main attraction is Alexandra Cave, the Victoria Fossil Cave is World Heritage listed with Blanche Cave and Wet Cave being the other two open to display. There are adventure tours and caving expeditions for all levels of experience.

Nearby Bool Lagoon Game Reserve is the largest wetland in the state and is home to more bird species than anywhere else in Australia.

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