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orange bulletNorth West Tasmania Holidays

This region covers an area extending from the Highland lakes in the centre of Tasmania, north to Devonport and west to Strahan, the pounding ocean and unpopulated stretches of the west coast, the villages and townships dotted along the north coast and the mountain national parks of the central west.

It has a fertile agricultural area inland from the fishing villages that dot the north coast,  spectacular scenery everywhere, mining villages and unsurpassed wilderness on the west coast and wilderness lodges in the mountains.

orange bulletPlaces Of Interest - North West Tasmania

Devonport & surrounds - the ferry terminal for the passenger and vehicle service to and from Melbourne. The town has an art gallery and maritime museum. The history of the Tasmanian aboriginals is chronicled at Tiagarra.

Take a nostalgic period train ride along the Don River and head on over to nearby Latrobe historic town with restored cottages and buildings. Travel south to Sheffield for the town murals, Lake Barrington and the Kentish Museum. Pay a visit to the caves at Gunns Plains.

Mole Creek - home of unique leatherwood honey,  an excellent wildlife park and nearby limestone caves that are a popular destination for folks who enjoy caving.

Marakoopa is a wet cave with underground streams and a popular glow-worm display. King Solomon Cave is a dry, easily walked cave.

Burnie - an industrial centre with a major cargo shipping port and home to a pulp and paper mill. Visit the Pioneer Village Museum, Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens, Lactos Cheese factory and Annsleigh Gardens. The impressive Hellyer Gorge is to the south of the town.

Stanley - a fishing village sheltering the the lee of The Nut and the site of the first settlement in the region, with heritage and crafts on display. The fully restored Plough Inn, Lyons Cottage and the Union Hotel are highlights. Nearby Smithton is the major town of the area.

Marrawah - the end of the Bass Highway on the rugged west coast and home to several Aboriginal relic sites. There is big surf in this area. Nearby Arthur River has river cruises, boating, canoeing and fishing.

Corinna - once a gold mining township but now only a centre for the popular river cruises on the Pieman River through the eucalypt forests and Huon pines.

Queenstown - originally a gold mine which later converted to copper mining. A testament to why mining operations need environmental controls. There is a Galley Museum, Mt Lyell Mine tours and an aerial ropeway.

Strahan - a remote outpost on the rugged west coast with a rich history dating from the convict period, and a centre for timber logging and mining. Nowa  popular spot for boarding the Gordon River Cruises, jet boat rides and sea plane rides of the area. Anglers will find rout and salmon fishing.

The National Parks - on the north coast is Rocky Cape National Park with a rugged coastline, heath covered hills, sandy beaches and Aboriginal rock shelters. It has basic facilities and boat launching sites. Mole Creek Karst National Park is dedicated to the extensive limestone caves system of the area.

Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park is probably the best known of all the Tasmanian parks. Famous for superb mountains, lakes, forests and alpne moorlands. Visitor centres cater for both long and short stays. Nearby Walls of Jerusalam National Park is a rugged destination with access only on foot. Provisions and basics need to be carried. A site for flora, fauna, lakes, pine forests and high rock walls.

King Island - situated some distance off the north west tip of Tasmania and off the beaten track for most travellers although there are regular air services to the island. King Island features excellent beaches and lagoons, renowned dairy produce and crayfish. Also Australia's only kelp processing farm. The island has 4 lighthouses.

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