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australian tours

orange bulletVictorian Wimmera Holidays

The Wimmera region of Victoria stretches from The Grampians National Park in the east to the South Australia border in the west, the Western Highway in the north and the Glenelg Highway in the south. A rural area with endless wheat fields to the horizon.

The most popular holiday destination in the area is Grampians National Park which is a rugged mountain range with many spectacular rock formations.

This is an area that is home to unique flora, at its best in spring with no shortage of rivers, streams and lakes. Nearby Mt Arapiles juts abruptly from the ground and is well known to the rock and mountain climbing fraternity.

The region offers serious rock climbing opportunities, abseiling, bushwalking and hiking, acclaimed scenic lookouts, fishing, canoeing and white water adventures.

There are horse riding trails, cellar door visits, friendly fauna and an abundance of seasonal wildflowers, farm stays, lava caves, regional festivals, aboriginal art sites and a cultural museum.

orange bulletPlaces of Interest - Wimmera Region

Grampians National Park - known for the rugged rock formations, ravines, world class scenic lookouts and abundant wildlife. There are bushwalks for all levels of fitness and locations with aboriginal cave art. The Mackenzie Falls and Grand Canyon in the Wonderland Range are popular attractions. Halls Gap is located on the eastern side of the park and is a popular weekend getaway spot and the major accommodation centrefor the area.

Horsham - the major town of the Wimmera region supporting the surrounding agricultural communities. Horsham is a good jumping off point for the northern end of the Grampians and the Little Desert National Park. The town has a good art gallery featuring some popular Australian artists. Nearby Wimmera Wool Factory has tours dedicated to the wool industry and ultrafine Merino wool.

Mount Arapiles - located west from Horsham and known as a rock climbers heaven with over 2000 climbs for all skill levels. Nearby Natimuk hosts the climbing schools that serve the visitors.

Dimboola - the gateway to the Little Desert National Park. The town has some historic buildings, the Pink Lake (salt lake) and the remains of the Ebenezer Aboriginal Mission Station.

Little Desert National Park - the title is a misnomer as it not little, nor is it a desert. It is a site for brilliant spring wildflowers and there are several bushwalks available through the park.

Hamilton - situated at the southern end of the Grampians and is known as the centre of Victoria's famous wool country. Local attractions include Mt Napier,an  extinct volcano south of the town with its Byaduk Caves and Tunnel Cave.

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