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orange bulletWestern Australia Mid West Holidays

A huge, sparsely populated region south of the Murchison River to the Midlands north of Perth, east to Lake Barlee before sweeping across the Gibson Desert to the Northern Territory and South Australia borders.

Like the Pilbara region to the north, this is a region with some development along the coastline and a harsh, inhospitable desert centre.

Although maps show roads across the central desert regions with names such as "Gunbarrel Hwy", they are anything but highways and should only be attempted in 4WD vehicles by drivers experienced in local conditions and with local knowledge.

orange bulletPlaces Of Interest - Mid West

Geraldton - the only town of any size in the entire region. Geraldton enjoys a fine climate, seafood and plenty of wind. The town has a Maritime Museum with the history of the many ship wrecks that dot the region. Pay a visit to the very different St Francis Xavier Cathedral. Visit the offshore Houtman Abrolhos Islands for diving tours. The surrounding reefs are home to the local crayfish industry. Pay a visit to nearby Greenough for some local history and the restored historical hamlet.

Mount Magnet - gold mining centre on the Great Northern Highway. Nearby ruins of Lennonville and the Aboriginal art at Walga Rock.

Meekatharra - junction of several of the off-highway roads in the region. A gold mining town with a history of being a railhead for cattle brought along the Canning Stock Route.

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