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orange bulletWestern Australia North West Holidays

This is an area extending from the Tropic of Capricorn in the north, the Great Northern Highway in the east and extending south to the Murchison River.

The Exmouth Gulf in the north is included in this region. The population centres and attractions of this region are all along the coastline.

orange bulletPlaces Of Interest - The North West

Kalbarri - six hours by road from Perth, and a tourist mecca for a large number of tourists from around Australia and overseas. Kalbarri is a small fishing village surrounded by beautiful but rugged surroundings and home to a flourishing group of tour companies.

The town is the site of several historic shipwrecks and rated as a top surf and fishing spot. Kalbarri National Park has several gorges on the Murchison River and lookouts at Hawk's Head and Ross Graham.

Shark Bay - a World Heritage and Marine Park of excellent beaches and the much publicised dolphin visits at Monkey Mia in the Shark Bay Marine Park. The first recorded landing by a European explorer in Australia occurred at Shark Bay. Visit the unusual stromatolites at Hamelin Pool.

Carnarvon - noted for its excellent climate, tropical fruit and seafoods. Nearby beaches at Pelican Point, Bush Bay and New Beach. Travel north from Carnarvon for the blowholes, the salt loading centre at Cape Cuvier and the wreck of the Korean Star. A recently discovered phenomenon occurs in winter when whales and sharks herd shoals of small fish against the cliffs at Cape Cuvier leading to a feeding frenzy which can last for days.

North West Cape - a marine wonderland of which the best known attraction is Ningaloo Reef and the enclosed lagoons of the Ningaloo Marine Park. Dugongs, whale sharks, manta rays, turtle rookeries, and migratory humpbacks. Scuba diving, snorkelling and reef explorer cruises available as well as the opportunity to swim with the whale sharks in season. Coral Bay is the jumping off point for the reef area.

Exmouth - the end of the road on North West Cape. Originally a service town for a US navy base which is now closed. Pay a vist to the Cape Range National Park on the west coast for some excellent beaches and some rugged scenery.

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