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orange bulletCanberra Holiday Experiences

bullet wideBook Your Holiday Experiences In Canberra

The Australian capital is home to a treasure trove of national icons and attractions, all easy to explore. No visit to Canberra is complete without a visit to the National Gallery, Parliament House, Australian War Memorial, Australian Royal Mint, National Museum,  Australian National University, National Library, Australian Institute of Sport or just enjoy exploring the myriad parks, gardens and poplar sport and leisure precincts.

The places shown below are the most popular “things to do” tourist destinations in the ACT. Although Canberra is the only place shown, the link connects you to all the main tourism activities in and around the city.

bullet wideCanberra's Popular Holiday Activities

Click the links below to see and book the tours, attractions, activities and events available at these locations. NOTE: Look for the HOT DEALS button to see all the current money saver opportunities.

bullet wideCanberra's Accommodation Options

If you are going to need accommodation in Canberra, we can recommend the Breakfree Resorts and Apartments for the best value for money, family friendly accommodation at some of the popular Victorian holiday locations.

We can also recommend the Mantra resorts and hotels for visitors who appreciate an extra bit of comfort and luxury.

And if that is not enough you can do price comparisons and bookings (see left column) to find lodgings across the entire country.

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