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orange bulletTasmania Holiday Experiences

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Tasmania is a delightful destination known for its scenery and natural attractions. There is a lot more to this island than just Tasmanian Devils... the pristine Cradle Lake, Freycinet Peninsula, Australia's oldest historical site at Port Arthur, world class walking trails, National Trust classified period homes and towns, convict history everywhere, fishing villages, imposing coastlines and world renowned wilderness areas..... Tassie has it all!

The places shown below are the most popular “things to do” tourist destinations in Tasmania.

Tasmania's Most Popular Holiday Spots

Click the links below to see and book the tours, attractions, activities and events available at these locations. NOTE: Look for the HOT DEALS button on each page to see all the current money saver opportunities.

bullet wideTasmanian Accommodation Options

Are you are going to need somewhere to stay? We can recommend the Mantra resorts and hotels for guests who appreciate that extra bit of comfort and luxury.

If you require a wider range of choices we can assist you with price comparisons and bookings (see left column) for accommodation choices across the entire island.

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